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We run a series of workshops, undergo extensive market research and provide tailored social media advertising solutions for your business.


Provide support for you and your marketing team to further optimise your current social media efforts.

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Create and manage top-performing social campaigns and start developing traction for both your brand and bottom line sales.

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Organically grow your brand with highly curated, relatable content that captures and engages with your target audience on the social platforms that best fit your brand.

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Our values and experience define who we are as a social media-focused agency. Whilst we are a platform-agnostic agency, we believe in curating bespoke content and campaigns that align with your brand story.

We understand what it means to be in business, which is why we are with you every step of the way, working together, solving problems and coming up with solutions that help you thrive in a digital landscape.

Influential Factors

Advertising On Social Media
is a Revolving Process

Brand Awareness

Recognition is where it all begins with consumer behaviour. In order to establish a foundation, brand recognition/awareness is appropriate.


Crafting attractive offers is tricky, however, it certainly pays off for the exchange of capturing data, leads, sales etc. It's important to provide the right value


Establish a meaningful connection so your audience can relate and engage with your brand's story.


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Emilia Clarke
Partnering with the team at BBS has been an incredible journey so far. They were able to fully diagnose my mission and provide me and my team with a cost-effective social media advertising solution.
Jared C
CEO @ Fitfinder
Emilia Clarke
My business partner and I had the pleasure of working with Bound By Story from a holistic social point of view. Their ability to meet expectations was incredible and would highly recommend using them.
Zac A
Managing Director @ Win Accounting
Emilia Clarke
We hired BBS back in 2018 to help launch our tech-focused real estate agency and have not looked back since. They did wonders for us which have definitely paid off!
Aron K
CEO @ LIV Realty
Emilia Clarke
I never anticipated the results my business achieved using BBS. With an 8X ROI on Instagram ads, I could not be more impressed. Hats off to your hard work.
Founder @ ILIFT
Skin Clinics

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Read FAQs
By Our Founder

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing and advertising is the use of social media platforms to engage and communicate a unique offer or a message that allows consumers to connect with. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat. SMA, Short for Social Media Advertising is about establishing a meaningful connection with your targeted audience. The reason why social media is a popular marketing method is mainly because of its affordability and versatility. 

Different social media platforms hold very different marketing objectives and one of the most commonly used channels is Facebook. It currently holds the most users from a social point of view and has the most amount of advertising dollars spent on it. However, in saying that, it may not always be the most effective for achieving your marketing objective. 

Instagram advertising, on the other hand, is growing rapidly fast with users having more targeted interests that are proving better returns on investment from a branding and sales perspective. Instagram’s features are very different from Facebook. Users are spending less time reading and viewing content and browsing at a faster pace. For instance, Instagram stories is a popular ad placement for advertising your product or service.  Given that Instagram is owned by Facebook, the metrics and targeting methodology fall under the same umbrella. There are different methods in marketing your product and service on these social media channels. Some ads can be run as traffic, lead forms, conversions for your online store, video views, brand awareness and many more. 

Marketing on LinkedIn is also very different from Facebook and Instagram as its main demographic is ‘professionals’. This means it is less social and more work/business related (professional). Marketing initiatives for LinkedIn won't have the same metrics or content appeal, so it’s crucial to diversify your advertising objective for the different social media channels. 

TikTok is growing each day and very few businesses have not yet taken advantage of the cost-effective advertising measures it currently holds. Running marketing ads on TikTok is a lot like Instagram and Snapchat. The user demographic is a lot younger than Facebook users, however, the reach is far more targeted. The marketing material and objective used for TikTok will need to be highly curated and seamless so users don't feel bombarded by click-bait ads. 

There are a number of social media marketing strategies your brand can utilise solely. But with a solid strategy and serious investment, it’s essential to have all components of your cog in the  wheel.

Lastly, if your company isn’t marketing or advertising on any of the social channels, it is more than likely to be under threat with competitors taking advantage. It’s a survival game, not an ego thing. Businesses build their reputation via word of mouth, so does social media. It’s a word of mouth strategy. 

Why is Bound By Story the best social media agency in Sydney?

Well because our core focus isn't just social media marketing, it is storytelling. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. It connects people and delivers valuable memories. To date, it is still one of the most effective methods for bringing meaning into context. Which is why we utilise this in our social media advertising efforts. 

With that said, the results that carry over from our methodology generate our clients with real results and effects. We know the challenges involved when sharing your brand vision on the world's most utilised channels. Check out for yourself our case studies. 

How is it that we provide bespoke value to our clients? We always kick things off with a strategy session which allows us to fully diagnose your current business reality, understanding in depth your pro’s and con’s from a marketing and operative level. 

What’s another reason? We love to test. Testing in a rapidly changing environment is a necessary tactic to allow no second-guessing. Finding what works and what doesn't, separates a good agency from a less performing agency. You can spend all your money on one piece and hope that it works. Testing your creative, copy and ad placement is essential for optimised results.  

To put it simply, we put our subjective opinions to the side and let the objective measures take over. This allows us to save time, money and resources when advertising. Traditional marketing and advertising is a one-shot target.  Reason being, you cannot test multiple pieces of creative.  Your campaign is stuck with the same advert until your contract expires and it’s long-term. On the other hand, Social media is highly agile meaning there are no limits to your advertising measures.

Another point to consider is our ability to be adaptive. With social platforms changing on a frequent basis, we are consciously pivoting and revolutionising our strategies to stay ahead of the tech curve. With so many updates and requirements, social media is always evolving which means what worked yesterday may not work today. Being adaptive is a crucial skill set that we have adopted to ensure we deliver our clients with the right results. 

So, that's why we believe we are the best social media agency in Sydney. We are easy-going and are lightweight which ultimately keeps costs at a minimum for our clients. Speak with one of our team members today and receive our FREE strategy workshop valued over $495. 

What can social media marketing do for my business?

In a nutshell, social media can help your business reach more people, start more conversations, convert more traffic and ultimately grow your businesses sales and brand. According to hootsuite, there are over 23 benefits of social media marketing. It is said that over 3 billion people across the globe use social media which is why it’s most advantageous for your business to get in front of the masses.

Another important aspect of what social media can do for your business is ‘Data Collecting’. Data is a very powerful measure for businesses looking to enhance sales, marketing, branding and customer service. Social media is literally filled with countless bits of data on many different levels. Collecting this kind of data is available to you with the help of a social media agency. The type of data made available on social media channels is age, sex, location, interests, consumer behaviour, site tracking, engagement, dislikes, time spent, user devices and many more.

To keep your business ahead of the digital era, it is most recommended that social media is an essential tool for your businesses survival.

How do I find the right social media agency for my company?

Finding the right fit for your business takes a considerable amount of time. The reality is, if you have already identified your objective and know what you want, find an agency that can deliver on that promise. Ultimately, that’s where the priority stands. Most agencies will offer a range of digital marketing services, claiming they are the specialists, however, in our experience, it is all different and a google ads expert won’t have the expertise in social media. Why is that? Well, quite simply they are completely different channels which hold different targeting metrics. 


Social media is still relatively new and it will continue to be new with its rapidly evolving algorithms. This means whoever stays ahead of the latest trends and data will most likely have the upper-hand. In saying that, it’s not all technical. Social media marketing is also a psychology game. Understanding how consumers think and what they want is where it counts most. 


One way to identify the right agency for your business is to question their product and consumer knowledge. This will uncover the agency's level of attention and area of expertise from an industry perspective. What does this mean? Well, if you are selling a digital product, don’t hire an agency that works predominantly with service-based companies.


The next step in your search is to question, question, question... what, how, when, where. Be specific and drill the proposed agency with high-pressure questions which will challenge their fluff. 


You also want to ensure what you are paying as a fee is fair. Paid advertising dollars should not be included with the retainer fee. The reason being ,is that you cannot see the break up of where the money is being spent on resources and secondly, it’s not a great accounting practice! Seek advice from your accountant on the best payment methods. 


We understand that this is a tedious process and can take up a lot of energy which is why at Bound By Story, we give you honesty. If we cannot service your needs, we will tell you. Speak with us today and find out if we are the right fit!

Do you come up with the content for my social media ads?

If you don’t have any social media content produced in house or via a third-party, we have a dedicated team who specialise in creating content for your brand management or campaign. Our team will be by your side every step of the way when identifying the type of creative assets we need to craft. 

Different social media channels will require different levels of production. Not all content can be used universally as the ad placements hold different purposes. For instance, marketing your creative on Facebook will need to be highly thought through. There are over 15 types of ad placements (spaces) to place your creative. This means post-production will be a strategic process. For example, In-stream video ads have a time limit of 15 seconds whereas Facebook feed ads have a limit much greater. The reality is, you want to advertise in as many areas as possible so coming up with specific content for each ad placement is essential for your objective. 

Videography is also a service we provide which comprises a step by step creative process. We will come up with the ideas, strategy and post-production. Videos have a much higher engagement rate than photos and can be quite effective depending on your core objective. 

Photography is another creative service we provide for our clients. Whilst videography is dominant for engagement, photos can tell a thousand stories. When it comes to advertising, simple images that portray an emotion can be quite effective. Sometimes the most simplistic piece of content is the most effective. We found that imagery is a great way to test and gauge consumer interest, identifying what works best. 

In order to create compelling ads for your social media campaign, copywriting is a key factor. Writing compelling copy that educates, inspires and persuades consumer decision making is an art in itself. It is a part of our process that we create short-form copywriting for our client’s ads. 

What social media trends should every company be aware of?

As we know by now, we can confidently say that most people spend a good part of their day on social media, which is definitely not an exaggeration. Especially not for 2020! 

Social media is considered an integral part of people's lives. We access information faster than ever and can communicate with just about anyone about anything! 

Given its dominance, there are a number of trends that companies and brands can be aware of. 

Trend #1 - Influencer Marketing will continue to grow. 

Trend #2 - Customer service will move more into social platforms. 

Trend #3 - Personalised content will be paramount 

Trend #4 - User-generated content will continue to grow

Trend #5 - Consumer attention spans will reduce more as time goes on

Trend #6 - Third-party tools will be harder to use for automation

Which is the best social media platform to advertise my company on?

To put it simply, this all depends on the nature of your business, your objective and who your target market is. There is no one platform that fits all. In saying that, there is a clear dominant trend that Facebook is the most effective social network tool to use for a majority of businesses, however,  it’s not the be-all and end-all.

How much should I pay for running ads on social media?

There is no real set budget for running ads on social media, ads can cost as little as $50 or as high as $50,000. It’s important to note that your budget is subject to prior ad testing along with other variables such as, your offer, the cost of acquisition and competitiveness. 

Small businesses have smaller budgets which have limits. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the more you spend, means the more you get. It will all come down to the above-mentioned objectives.

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