What is Social Media
Brand Management?

Brand management is where we take your brand and position it with the right set of values that aligns with your company mission.

Our overall aim for branding on social media is to convey your key message and establish an emotional connection with your customers.


Operative Measures

Content Creation

We will generate content that aligns with your

Organic Growth

Naturally grow your reach with effective growth

Community Engagement

Humanise your brand by socially interacting with your audience

Influencer Outreach

Connect with micro-influencers to further promote your brand


Bring Your Brand to Life
With Real Meaning

Building a brand through social media is a consistent journey that takes time. The key to a well-established brand presence on social media is sharing meaningful, stunning content that aligns with your brand’s identity. 

At Bound By Story, we offer a complete social media branding method by managing your social feed.

We have worked with

Great Companies of All The Sizes


Have a Conversation With Your Audience

Content is a commitment, Context is a story

Creating meaningful content can be tricky for a lot of small businesses which is why our social media management team will analyse your business and your target market, devising a strong and meaningful content plan that will get your brand in front of the right audience. 

There are many methods of generating meaningful and relevant content that engages with a brand, however, at Bound By Story, we stick with a simple acronym – RIVER. This is abbreviated from; 

R – Rare: How rare is the content you are making? 

I – Inimitable: Can someone copy this? How different and unique is this content

V – Value: Provide the most amount of value to your audience 

E – Everyone: Can everyone relate to your content? 

R – Real: How authentic is this piece of content?

Managing multiple social media accounts?

Recieve a Score on Your Brand Presence

Management Vs Social Media Advertising

Social media brand management is an organic approach. It’s about consistently utilising the social media channels to communicate and engage with your target audience without spending marketing dollars on paid ads. The ultimate aim of this is to enhance brand awareness, educate your audience and update them accordingly. 

This is a very important stage and should be considered with all businesses, regardless of their current situation. 

Advertising is a function of marketing which represents one component. It is used by companies to promote or sell products and services. In essence, advertising is a way of influence on buying behaviour.

  • Advertising focuses on creative positioning and media.
  • Advertising spreads brand awareness and what is ultimately on offer.









Social Media Branding

What is social media management and why should my company do it?

Social media management is an organic approach. It’s about consistently utilising the social media channels to communicate and engage with your target audience without spending marketing dollars on paid ads. The ultimate aim of this is to enhance brand awareness, educate your audience and update them accordingly. 

This is a very important stage and should be considered with all businesses regardless of their current situation.

Why is Bound By Story the best social media management agency?

Our ability to deliver on client expectations and results is what defines our agency and as to why we truly believe we are the best social media management agency in Australia. Working with countless brands on establishing a social media presence has given us an opportunity to fully understand the methodology of branding online.

We always look at it from a psychological standpoint, enabling us to dive deep into the minds of your audience and feel what they want. Our series of workshops, team collaborations along with experience give us an upper hand advantage over other agencies.

How much does a social media manager cost?

The cost for social media management has a number of measures before an actual cost is applied. However, to give you a broad scope, you are looking at fees in the vicinity of $700 up to $10,000. This is primarily due to 3 factors.

The first price factor to consider is content creation. If you are creating and supplying content to your agency, then a huge chunk of the fee will be deducted. The cost and time to produce content are quite lengthy and expensive, however, in saying that, it is a very essential process that must be considered. 

Some businesses prefer to outsource their content creation to third-party photographers, designers and videographers then deal with an ad agency to handle the management initiatives, like posting and sharing content on news feeds. 

The second price factor which is heavily applied, is frequency. The more work that is required and results needed to acquire, the more time and energy is spent on managing the platforms. Another factor to consider is the annual turnover of a business. 

What should I look for in a social media agency?

Searching for the best social media agency that will be the right fit for you and your business takes time. In order to find the right agency to look after your brand on social media, you will need to find out a few important things first. 

Most agencies that manage social media channels have niches and will focus on specific industries that they are educated on. For example, a cafe looking to boost their brand on Instagram will need to look into social media agencies that have services such as public relations, influencer collaborations and food photographers. Their portfolio should comprise the food industry and case studies of work that revolves around the branding of food.   

When it comes to hand-picking the agency of your choice, you will also need to bear in mind their style of collaboration and communication. Does this agency communicate effectively and efficiently for you and your team? This means if you are running a fast-paced business and have very little time to organise video/ photoshoots, approve content, source talent and deal with the agency back-to-back, will you be able to provide undivided attention and if not, how does this agency go about moving forward with the above-mentioned tasks with their clients? 

As a business owner or even a marketing manager, you should additionally look for speed and agility. This is a very crucial skill-set that needs to be adopted for social media agencies as businesses are typically seasonal, volatile and unpredictable.

If you are looking for a social media agency that can deliver on expectations and results, have a chat with a team member at Bound By Story today for a FREE strategy and quote. 

How effective is social media management for my business?

Social media management can be very effective for your business, regardless of the type of industry you are in. Irrespective of being a b2b or b2c operator, your business can leverage social media as an income channel and branding tool.

To put it simply, It’s effective by its ability to reach people within your target audience along-side attracting newcomers at a cost that is right for your business.

It is a very competitive space for a lot of businesses and it will all come down to how you use the platforms. If you are posting content for the sake of being online, then you are shooting blanks. Content that you produce will be the most effective method for using social media. Relevance is key which is why you need to ensure that what you are sharing is of true value to your audience. Keep them engaged and you will be forever liked and trusted.

Most brands struggle to build and maintain a social presence due to the competitive nature. Having a strategy and plan of attack is an essential place to start. Workshop this with your team and come up with a solid strategy that will produce results.

How many posts should I do daily?

You should post as little as once a day to ensure that you keep you feed alive and active for the platform to recognise. With that being said, if you don’t have anything valuable to post on your social feed or stories, then it’s best not to post at all. Always look for quality, not quantity. You can post ten times a day but if you aren't posting valuable content that is engaging for your audience, it’s going to do nothing, in actual fact, it will be a disservice to your brand and will lead people off your page by unfollowing it. 

If you have trouble creating content on a daily basis, it’s best to plan in advance which will save you a lot of time and free up time for additional on-the-brink content like live stories, instant snaps etc. 

Can I use my phone to capture and create content for social media?

Absolutely. Living in this technological era has given us an abundance of opportunities to be creative on the spot, especially when running a business. 

Creating simple, meaningful content doesn't have to be with a full-blown camera crew. Sometimes the most effective content comes from mobile footage, in fact, social media platforms are designed to be most effective with reach when using mobile phone footage. The reason being is that the platform wants you to be as real and authentic as possible. The algorithm is designed for engagement and relevance which means the closer you are to how it operates, the better it serves you. In saying that, it doesn't mean poor quality photos from your phone will work best. It’s all about relevance and realness. Being overly scripted and edited, can have a negative effect on your content reach which is why authenticity is best practised in social media posting.

Phones such as the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X have amazing camera quality and features that allow up to 4k resolution when recording.

What is the best social media site to post content?

This will all depend on the nature of your business and what you are selling. If you are selling a product, then showcasing your products are best placed on Instagram and Pinterest. If you are selling a service, then LinkedIn and Facebook are most appropriate.

However, it is recommended to promote your products and services on all social media platforms to ensure full-coverage to test which one sticks best for your objective. You will also need to ensure the right quality and reach is considered, therefore, focusing on a couple of platforms that will be most effective from a brand position is also most valued. 

Facebook is becoming more and more challenging to get reach using organic posting methods due to a number of factors. The number of competitors and users continue to grow which makes it difficult to have your message seen by followers. Typically about 3-5% of your followers on Facebook will see your content, the remainder is likely not to see it unless they re-engage with your page. This is why engagement is very important. If your audience loses touch with your feed, they will no longer see your stuff. This is simply because Facebook wants to keep people engaged with what they are interested in. Hence, why it’s better to focus on quality people, not the masses. 

Instagram, on the other hand, is still relatively more effective from a brand management perspective. However, this won’t last for too long as the users are growing rapidly and the cost of advertisements are going up. Instagram is best used with relevance and frequency whereas Facebook is purely functional on relevant content, regardless of the frequency of posting. 

Like Facebook, LinkedIn is a very challenging platform which is why quality is everything. You want to ensure that the content you are publishing is highly engaging and valuable. Being a professional platform, LinkedIn’s content feed must be relevant to job titles, industries and general business practices. 

To learn more about other social media channels and what’s best to promote your company, speak with a specialist at Bound By Story.

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