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Social Media Management Guide – 2020

Social media management

Whether a multimillion-dollar agreement supported by a vast income background or just a local business aided by limited funds, brand awareness is something that we can’t move ahead without. With over 4 billion of world’s population found here, it’s pretty legal to say that you can get everything on your plate from increased inbound traffic to higher conversation rates. But this all can come to life, if you warp up every single bit including Production of engaging text and thoughtful visuals that drag user towards your brand and handling social accounts all under a fixed frame of time.

This might sound overwhelming to you for a time being because all your are lacking is a solid management team. Behold! As we bring on board an ultimate guide of social media management so you too, can run your brand like all those witty people out there!

So what exactly is social media management?

what is social media management

If we go for the literal meaning then social media management is nothing more than handling your online presence on social platforms by posting and analysing quality content. But honestly, it is something beyond just publishing content and adding follow icons to your website, isn’t it?

In simple words, the process by which you look over your social media audience, following a well-grounded strategy that is tuned as per their needs is what they call as social media management. Now this involves a lot of hidden boxes that need to be filled before bringing such thoughts to life. They surely include the creation and distribution of innovative content for your company’s social media profiles, connecting to your customers through well-monitored online conversations, on and on influencer’s collaborations, keeping an eye on the latest opportunities that have the tendency to soar up your brand reach and visibility, providing community services and last but not the least, reporting the final analyzation on social media performance so you have your progress rate all tracked up.

Aren’t surprised yet? Well! You would as you will come to know that you too can have all these complexities under your grip.

Is social media management really worth giving a try?

Is social media management really worth giving a try?

The basic formula stands the same “Get organised to get success” 

To be honest, the business potential of these social sites is far more than just enough. And the primary reason is an all-time social presence of your targeted customers on the desired platforms. Being a part of this ever-changing world like the year 2020 itself, it is not wrong to say that we all live as a single unit and make up a global community together. successful people of this field are able to drag out their objectives from the marketing funnel whether it is in the form of raising brand awareness or just increasing store visits and having a quality conversation record because this online connection has merged such a massive group of customers on a single platform. 

But don’t you think that you need something beyond just your own dedication? That is exactly where you would be calling a social media management team.

Trust me! Even working 24/7 won’t actually prove fruitful and you will start to get everything out of your hand. Managing tons of social accounts, dealing thousands of customers, attending a never-ending list of needs and demands of brand users, sure is a tough nut to crack. Alternatively, if you hire a team of experts and hand every little social concern to them, you will see the visualized results in literally no time.

But how would you know that these folks are delivering their best? Well, you can only do that if you are able to build up an efficient social media management procedure.

How to get started with social media management?

get started with social media management

Want to get a head start with such a fantasy but not too sure how to? Then don’t worry as you are not the only one. This is something that every single marketer faces at least once but they never regret their efforts when they look back after a while and connect the dots.

This process involves at least twelve comprehensive steps after which one can claim that they have made the most out of social media management.

  1. Build a proper mindset
  2. Adopting relevancy
  3. Research target audience
  4. Coming up with a strategy
  5. Develop your own accounts
  6. Polish your advertisements
  7. Have a backup content calendar to track work
  8. Evolving campaigns
  9. Managing contests and giveaways
  10. Respond to your followers
  11. Maintain social reach
  12. Observe and Polish existing campaigns

Step 1: Build a proper mindset

Build a proper mindset

Let me ask you a question! Are you getting the results you wanted after adopting social media management strategies? If not then you are certainly lacking a proper mindset.

Your plan is going to be a constructive description of your ultimate success, therefore, it should include certain aspects that make sure you stay out of harm’s way. Here’s a way you can make one out:

  1. Set a practical vision board: first and foremost thing to keep in mind is setting a clear and big picture before you. Visualize the overall dream that you actually want to bring to life.
  2. Figure out the main steps: consider going through each step and finalize the ones that will lead you to your eventual destination without any risks.
  3. Choosing what works best for you: Analyze the pros and cons of every popular website and go for the ones which truly fill all your boxes. You are your brand’s well-wisher so choose what actually suites it.
  4. Have a good estimation of competition and engagements: Living in 2020, where everything has turned to the world online, competition is something obvious. Think of a special aspect of your brand that it will provide better than other related brands.
  5. Draw a detailed report structure: Before getting started it is important that you have a pre-made report structure so you track your working efficiency in the best way possible.

Step 2: Adopting relevancy

Adopting relevancy

The more specific your plan is, the more effective it will be. Despite being such fertile territory for advertisers, all the investment on social media is gone to waste. Want to know the reason? Most of the advertisers lose their demand in the market maybe because they are unable to provide what their customers were demanding from them. Well! This problem is directly related to the pace of change.

The universe of social media changes as quickly as it tends to expand. The advertising forces also go from immensely impactful to completely ignorable in just a matter of moments. The fact is already seen in motion as a ton of big companies have come to the realization that management and marketing without relevancy are ineffective at its best and embarrassing at its worse.

  1. Experiment through new channels: Just sit down and have a thorough analyzation of every single potential platform to choose the one that really holds your targeted audience. Try going for website audits and competitor analyses that have the ability to gauge well, your brand’s position in the community.
  2. Be ready for anything: In order to make optimism a part of your fate, you should always prepare yourself for literally anything, that way would be learning from your mistakes rather than losing hopes.
  3. Follow what’s leading: Sometimes you need to stop being innovative and turn your way to the art of observation. Give a visit to the sites and brands that are literally rocking everything up and keenly observe their strategies to get your game started as well.

Step 3: Research target audience

target audience

One of the key elements of gaining success in the world online is having sound knowledge of social media target audience. Heard it the first time? Well! It’s a group of people that you pick out and want to appeal to. They are identified on the basis of demographics or certain behaviours. The reason why it is that much important is because it helps build the market of your product in an efficient way and you tend to prioritize what you are targeting. The best ways to do it are:

  1. figuring out the most active audience, that way you can carve out where they are hanging out and prioritize the platforms that you want to basically focus on.
  2. Staying authentic is a must-have. As social media is constantly being stuffed with content, a brand needs to work harder to make its way through this clutter and connect to people. One of the best ways you can actually beat it is being transparent about whatever you are serving to your target audience. Once you intend to show both the pros and cons of your brand it truly helps build up the trust in your potential customers.

Step 4: coming up with the strategy:

coming up with the strategy

Social media strategy is basically the essence of your aims that you are tending to achieve online. The best strategy involves developing valuable content that is worthy of creating meaningful connections with your clients and wrapping up with a healthy conversation record.

Why is it that important? Well! According to a social media examiner, almost 97% of small business owners are totally relying on social media to run their game but the surprising thing is that 85% of them are unaware of the basic tools even. That clearly shows the lack of strategies. As a matter of fact, you can gather all the heard benefits of social media inside your bag once you are able to figure out and adopt a strategy that is literally worth giving a try! One of the ways may be displaying your business personality plus your brand’s content, voice and interactions on potential platforms to connect to your target audience. Lately, brands are placing a greater emphasis on user experience because of the impact it has upon your reputation, so you might want to work on this area, to see the desired results.

Step 5: Developing your own accounts:

Develop your own accounts

Let’s face it! If you are standing on a professional platform then you would for sure have multiple accounts to publicize your brand. Just list out your company’s social profiles.

Now, in order to manage them in an efficient way, use social media analytics to have an overview of your core performance metrics. These might include engagements, follower growth, your best posts based on their performance, publishing frequency, user conversation records, average response time, audience demographics including certain behaviours, traffic sources and all the related stuff. Now drag all the information you get on to the social media audit template to have a sound knowledge of where exactly do you stand so you can work on the areas that need your most attention. Such a simple way but immensely impactful that ensures that your all-time social presence is not going to waste. This is typically the data that you would need to make your social media strategies work at their best.

Step 6: Polish your advertisements:

Polish your advertisements

We all get the point that this advertising technique would connect you to your potential clients but brand marketing is something beyond creating a tv commercial, consumers are now pinging new brands on the web thanks to the slew of digital platforms. But what’s in it for small business owners? Larger owns can rely on their deep pockets to dominate the market. In order for you to lead such a tough race, you need work on, not “how” but “in what way” are you going to be contacting your customers. Yes! you have got to polish your current advertising methodologies if you want to see yourself on a bigger stage.

Now there are thousands of ways of doing so, apart from depending on social media site you might also want to give blogging a try. Blogging can do wonders for local search optimization. Merge local search engine optimization with loyalty reward programs, discounts, deals, referral programs and other incentives to see the difference. Not into this blogging thing? Then simply ping the professional bloggers out there and request for sponsorship to get your game started. Do keep in mind the element of creativity while planning an advertisement as it is going to be a foundation of effective strategies in the days to come.

Step 7: track your work well:

track your work

Do you know that which of your updates perform well and what’s actually bringing the most traffic on your website? Or do you know how many visitors are actually converted to leads because of your online presence? If not then you are certainly left behind and chances are that you would not be enjoying the fruits of your success.

want to know why it is that important? well! by keeping a good eye on the above stuff you can spend more cash on the potential platforms that are running smoothly with you and gain a higher return on the investment that you make. If you want to improvise on the goods and discards the rest then you have got to get your hands on an effective analytical tool that will provide you detailed insights into user metrics.If you tend to go great on Facebook itself then you should prefer no other than the Facebook insights because it owns the ability to provide you detailed information on likes, reach, visits, people and videos.the “posts tab” allows you to understand when your audience is most active so you can connect with them at the right time. For twitter, you can surely try tweriod.If you are including links in your post then your all-time link managing buddy would be bitly. Similarly, for all the bloggers out there, google analytics works the best.No matter what you choose, keeping a record is something we can’t skip.

Step 8: Running effective campaigns:

effective campaigns

A combined marketing effort reflecting a business that is designed to reinforce a brand’s voice through a social platform. Strategically, effective campaigns have been recorded to give measurable outcomes that are aimed to influence targeted users to act in certain ways.let’s take the example of Starbucks to make things a bit clear. In a short week of April 2017, Starbucks rolled out the unicorn Frappuccino. Just a perfect synergy of that pink and purple, fear of missing out due to the limited edition and the Instagram trend on its height literally kicked off everything else in the market.

Can you imagine that it’s hashtag generated nearly 155000 Instagram posts during that limited span of time and made millions! See how effective these campaigns happen to be but quality comes here as well. Until and unless your campaigns own something that can click users, you won’t be making the most out of these strategies. But if they happen to be well planned and inspiring enough to win anybody’s heart then you would be seeing the results in no time.

Step 9: managing contests and giveaways:

contests and giveaways

Want to know a surefire method of generating tons of audience engagement on social platforms? Then putting together social media contests and giveaways is literally there for you!

Nothing can make your ship come out of the sea of this competition better than the excitement that giveaways bring to your users. Here is how it typically works; when you arrange a contest at your place you can ask the users to like or follow as a pass of entry. This surely increases the percentage of people pinging or reaching your brand. Still, it is one way of seeing it but do you know that by getting higher audience retention rates or just increased comments and likes, you are put in the good books of social media algorithm and you reach even a higher percentage of your target audience. social media contests and giveaways are also a great way to create buzz around your page. It doesn’t matter what way you tend to choose because you will see brand exposure in any way you look. one interesting way of doing it is partnering with other brands so you would be getting in touch with their regular users as an addition to yours, ultimately amplifying your brand’s voice. So what are you waiting for? You are never late to try this technique out.

Step 10: Respond to your followers:

Respond to your followers

You might be thinking, why it is so important? well! as a matter of fact, customers in 2020 demand strong social interaction. Did you know that over 80% of the users today see social media as a channel that made companies more accountable? Yes, social media did put the power back in the hands of users! When a customer connects with you, you become the in charge of maintaining your brand’s image.

If you happen to handle the complaint tactfully and respond swiftly then that negative emotions can be molded to leave positive feedback on your page. These sorts of interactions help you generate loyal customers as it helps to win their trust. On the other hand, bad comments and complaints will leave the image of your brand all plagued and you would end up losing your regular users even. Additionally, if you bring the fact of responding under consideration then it will help you establish as an expert in your area and niche. It may also welcome more people seeking out for your expertise. Responding to social emails build’s up in you a professional approach and manage the style of writing that runs parallel to your brand’s overall persona.

Step 11: maintaining social reach:

social reach

This is by far the primary goal of any brand who wants to rise like nothing else! Want to know why? Because everybody is after ways of increasing brand reach but no one actually thinks to figure out tactic of retaining the already gained audience and that’s the pretty reason they have a hard fall.

With over 2.77 billion people online, it sure is a difficult job to come up with something that holds everybody’s interest. Here is an idea of managing your social reach. We all know that social media is stuffed with innovative ideas, all you need to do is to strike the right chords. Content is the primary element of your audience retention plan so it better be appealing enough to urge the users to like, comment and shares it so you make the most out of your innovation. Best way to do it is to recreate the idea of any viral content that is currently ruling everything or you can post on current hot topics that you know, would hold the interest of tons of people like “Covid-19”. Your strategies to cope with this situation helps radiate your brand’s expertise in thought leadership.

Step 12: polishing existing campaigns:

polishing existing campaigns

Someone said it right” great brand’s reputation takes years to build but seconds to be destroyed” Today’s customer chooses with their utmost cautions, so anything that you tend to do and doesn’t radiate what your company or brand had promised, can through you down in dumps. Being a part of the world where it is literally impossible to please everyone, every brand has got to face a crisis at one part of its journey. So it is important that you polish your tarnished campaigns before the real corrosions eat everything up. Let’s face it! Campaigns with no target are campaigns that were meant to fail.

If your previous campaigns were not targeted then that should be the topmost element of your polishing plan. Do you know that over 44% of marketers develop buyer’s persona before bringing their brand campaigns on board, You were not among those on the first place? No worries as you are never late to correct, what’s wrong. Was budget management an issue when you handled your campaigns last time? If yes then you better sit down to think of a practical campaign plan that matches your budget too. Noting the errors on your previous attempts and avoiding them in your newest is as effective as one can explain.

The Takeaway

By now you must be clear about the multiple steps of social media management that enable its engine to run smoothly. Just to collect things in a nutshell, every little job is difficult as long as you are merely looking at it and the moment you get into it, it becomes easy. Same is the case with social media management, you were considering it a tough nut to crack bit we really hope this blog made the picture clear for you. Just by following these little steps and having a managing buddy like boundbystory you can turn your social crises to an ultimate success.