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We Are on a Mission
to Change the World
of Social Media

What is Bound By Story?

Bound By Story is a team of highly enthusiastic social media marketers who thrive on bringing success and change to businesses that are looking to level up sales, branding, and leads using the world’s most utilised platforms. Bound By Story (BBS) was born from the idea that storytelling is the best form of communication and that everything in life relates to a story with meaning. Given that we are living in a digital era with millions of brands trying to surface their name online, sharing your story is becoming precedent.
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Customer Centric

We put you first, ensuring that we provide you with the best service possible.

Goal Focused

Our mindset is programmed only to achieve results for you and your brand.

Challenge Oriented

We love a good challenge which is why we love working with all types of industries.


We Are Adaptive

Being adaptive in today’s digital world requires a great level of flexibility. At BBS, we understand that change happens on a regular basis which is why we developed the ability to pivot and immerse ourselves accordingly with a diverse range of social media channels.


What We Stand For

At BBS we are bound to your vision which is why we appreciate that every project or campaign we facilitate is unique and meaningful. We love to create, not replicate! Our adaptive team is always innovating to produce refreshing ideas to help your brand thrive in a digital landscape.


There are no hidden fees, secrets or talents. Whatever we say, we do.


We love working as one to deliver the best results for you and your team.


We are active and energised 24/7 which is why our clients love us.


Nicholas Gallo

“I am a huge people-person and have spent most of my life connecting with amazing individuals who have inspired me to get into an industry I am most passionate about, creative storytelling. There is nothing more exciting to me than meeting and connecting with the ones who want to change the world. I feel very fortunate to be living in an incredible era where digital platforms can connect us all around the world.

When I’m not helping others communicate their purpose, I am usually spending time with my family and friends.

Stories have always been my calling and ever since I was a child, I would use stories to share my love for those around me. 

I founded Bound By Story with a vision to help revolutionise the world of online communication for brands”.

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What Some of Our
Clients Have
to Say About BBS

Emilia Clarke
Partnering with the team at BBS has been an incredible journey so far. They were able to fully diagnose my mission and provide me and my team with a cost-effective social media advertising solution.
Jared Chapman
CEO FitFinder
Emilia Clarke
My business partner and I had the pleasure in working with Bound By Story from a holistic social point of view. Their ability to meet expectations was incredible and would highly recommend using them.
Zac Alam
Managing Director
Emilia Clarke
We hired BBS back in 2018 to help launch our tech-focused real estate agency and have not looked back since. They did wonders for us which have definitely paid off!
Aron Korani
CEO LIV Realty
Emilia Clarke
I never anticipated the results my business achieved using BBS. With an 8X ROI on instagram ads, I could not be anymore impressed. Hats off to your hard work.
ILIFT Activewear

Some of Our Recent Work

We love helping businesses achieve great success with proven strategies and methods.


About Bound
By Story

What does Bound By Story do as a social media agency?

Bound By Story’s mission is to help brands identify their point of difference, reach relevant target markets and provide meaningful value on social media platforms using powerful storytelling methods. 

We are a bunch of creatives who seek to innovate the world of social media advertising and throughout our process, we provide high-level ad strategies that are implemented in stages using a test-like methodology for rapid optimisation.

As a full-service social media agency, we provide our clients with social media consulting, brand management and paid advertising.

We are a platform agnostic agency which means we don't stick to just one social media channel as we don’t believe in a single-use platform approach. Depending on the nature of your business, we typically steer more towards digital channels, however, we are not limited by the use of traditional advertising means.

Why is Bound By Story the best social media agency is Sydney?

Well because our core focus isn't just social media marketing, it is storytelling. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. It connects people and delivers valuable memories. To date, it is still one of the most effective methods for bringing meaning into context. Which is why we utilise this in our social media advertising efforts. 

With that said, the results that carry over from our methodology generate our clients with real results and effects. We know the challenges involved when sharing your brand vision on the world's most utilised channels. Check out for yourself our case studies. 

How is it that we provide bespoke value to our clients? We always kick things off with a strategy session which allows us to fully diagnose your current business reality, understanding in depth your pro’s and con’s from a marketing and operative level. 

What’s another reason? We love to test. Testing in a rapidly changing environment is a necessary tactic to allow no second-guessing. Finding what works and what doesn't, separates a good agency from a less performing agency. You can spend all your money on one piece and hope that it works. Testing your creative, copy and ad placement is essential for optimised results.

To put it simply, we put our subjective opinions to the side and let the objective measures take over. This allows us to save time, money and resources when advertising. Traditional marketing and advertising is a one-shot target.  Reason being, you cannot test multiple pieces of creative.  Your campaign is stuck with the same advert until your contract expires and it’s long-term. On the other hand, Social media is highly agile meaning there are no limits to your advertising measures.

Another point to consider is our ability to be adaptive. With social platforms changing on a frequent basis, we are consciously pivoting and revolutionising our strategies to stay ahead of the tech curve. With so many updates and requirements, social media is always evolving which means what worked yesterday may not work today. Being adaptive is a crucial skill set that we have adopted to ensure we deliver our clients with the right results. 

So, that's why we believe we are the best social media agency in Sydney. We are easy-going and are lightweight which ultimately keeps costs at a minimum for our clients. Speak with one of our team members today and receive our FREE strategy workshop valued over $495. 

What makes Bound By Story different from the rest?

For years we have tried and tested different methods, identifying what works and what doesn't. 

Our attention to detail and ability to create bespoke solutions for your business is ultimately what makes us different from the rest. 

From a management perspective, we service all our clients with the utmost respect and care, treating every business as if it were our own. 

Additionally, there is no second guessing. A part of our process is to fully understand your position as both a company and a brand. During our initial meet up we fully diagnose your current reality, ensuring that we take the necessary steps in order to achieve your goals and objectives. 

How do I get started with Bound By Story?

The most important step to take before getting started is taking a good look through your current social media strategy. If you do not have one, then we will suggest to make notes on what you are wanting to achieve as a brand. Maybe your current strategy isn't working and you need to reinvent the wheel or perhaps you are looking for further guidance on optimising your current methodology. 

This is ultimately where we will come in by reviewing your current social media footprint. Our no-obligation review will put into perspective what needs to be done. Our team will look at your current running ads, review the content and strategy associated with it, then show you where improvements can be made. The best part of this, it’s completely FREE and takes up very little time from your end. 

If you feel this is right for your company, then we will put together a plan of attack that puts your goals first. The key to any successful social media strategy is insights and testing. So this means we will put in the hard yards first to ensure that we have built a solid foundation. It is a very essential part of our strategy to uncover as much information as possible to ensure we deliver on your expectations.

Once we have gathered all the right information, we will proceed with a content strategy that will align with your brand mission.