Social Media Content

4 Reasons Why Your Content on Social Sucks

Well, the time has come where I just have to say it, “Your content sucks!” Yes, that’s right, your content sucks for all the right and wrong reasons. But that’s okay, as a business owner I know how hard it is for businesses to produce attractive content for their brand.

We live in such a crowded digital world that people are now becoming more and more desensitised to social media content. There are key factors to consider when promoting content for your business, however, there are 4 core reasons that separate the good and bad.  

Here are 4 reasons why your social media content is not working;

1. It lacks your customer’s desires

You may have created something beautiful and spent a whole heap of time on it, however, you may have missed the sole purpose of what you are trying to achieve here. Content is very much a combination of subjectivity and objectivity. You are virtually thinking of an idea and bringing it to life with the assumption that it will work and serve a purpose. This isn’t always the case as what you may think is right and effective may not be so for your target audience. 

In order to avoid this problem, you need to ask yourself, what are my audience’s deepest desires? What do they want? What are they interested in and more importantly what is that makes them feel good? 

2. You are trying too hard to sell it

No one likes being sold to and the biggest problem for most companies is they are stuck in a mindset to “just sell it”. 

Coming across like a typical salesperson turns people off and makes them feel like they are being scammed, tricked, or sold something they don’t need or want. As a result, it makes a company look bad and paints a negative image on the brand. 

A really effective way to avoid this is to be authentic with what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s your offer or your pitch, remember to be a real as you can and avoid asking for the sale. Always provide some kind of value to the end-user.

3. There’s no personality behind it

This is one of this biggest mistakes people will make when creating content. Whether you are creating visual or written content, having a personality behind it matters most. At the end of the day, it’s people that are viewing your content, not robots! So always be sure to humanise whatever is you are creating. 

So many companies get into a bad habit of regurgitating content that has been overused and sounds too corporate. 

The key takeaway is that your content should come across as if it were a person talking or representing.

4. There's no story

Storytelling has been used for thousands of years to get a message across, share meaning and inspire people. Unfortunately, we are moving away from this methodology and moving more towards a society fixed on trends and behaviours. 

Social media content is usually broken down into three types of lengths, short, medium and long. Most of the time, the content displayed on social media channels typically lacks the use of stories and is more focused on facts. Whether it’s a photo or a video, your visuals need to be tied to a story.  

The best way to structure your story is to break it down into the following; 

  • Hook – start with something really juicy and compelling.
  • Plot – describe in more detail. 
  • Resolution – what was the outcome and how was it solved.